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Accurate Diagnosis

Develop early, accurate diagnostic methods and effective therapies for musculoskeletal disorders to improve patient outcomes.

Personalized Care and Support

Design personalized care plans and integrate supportive technologies to enhance daily living and provide emotional support.

Education and Awareness

Promote education and awareness of genetic conditions, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis.

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Low Field MRI & AI

Why MRI over other diagnostic tools?

Muscle biopsy is invasive and takes a long time to analyze. Genetic testing is expensive and faces skepticism from the public. Low-field MRI (less than 1 Tesla) is a non-invasive, cheaper, and faster alternative. Whether it's leveraging advanced AI technology for detailed tissue analysis or opting for cost-effective, non-invasive methods, this table highlights the key features and benefits of each approach, ensuring optimal patient care and effective monitoring of muscle conditions.

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with low-field MRI (LF MRI) systems offers a revolutionary approach to diagnostic imaging, combining cost-effectiveness with advanced technological capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Low-field MRI is affordable, making advanced imaging accessible in resource-limited settings, reducing healthcare costs and increasing patient care frequency.

Timely Results

AI-enhanced LF MRI delivers quick image processing and analysis, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment planning for improved patient outcomes.


AI improves LF MRI accuracy by enhancing image quality, providing reliable diagnostic information crucial for detecting and monitoring conditions.


LF MRI is non-invasive and safe, using no ionizing radiation, allowing repeated imaging for continuous monitoring without additional risk.



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