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Donate 2% of your tax to mMEDCON

I donate 2% as a natural person - employee

Only those working in Slovakia can donate their 2% from taxes. 

1. Ask your employer to do it annual settlement of tax advances from
of income and issuing a tax payment certificate.

2. Fill in the 2% tax remittance statement. Enter your name, social security number, place of residence and the amount corresponding to 2% of the tax paid.

3. Send/deliver the forms to the tax office in your place of residence no later than May 2, 2023.

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Confirmation of payment of income tax from dependent activity

Declaration of remittances of the share of tax paid on the income of a natural person

I donate 2% as a legal entity or a natural person (who files his own tax return)

Fill in the boxes for remittance of 2% of the income tax in the Tax Return. Only the ID number and name are indicated, i.e.: 

ID: 36115908

Trade name: mMEDCON

Important dates

Until February 15, 2023

Natural persons who are employed and file a tax return with
employers, submit applications for the annual settlement by this deadline

Until March 31, 2023

Filing of tax returns by taxpayers (natural persons) who
file a tax return + filing of tax returns by legal entities – The declaration is
already part of the tax return, if they have a postponement for submitting the DP, then it is until 30.6.2023.

Until May 2, 2023  

Sending declarations by taxpayers for which tax liability
will be settled by the employer (in addition to the declaration, the employee also sends a Confirmation of Payment

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Thanks to your support, we can also offer our educational activities to students from socially disadvantaged families. Thank you for helping future doctors grow in this way.

You can support us by sending a contribution of any amount. Please write "donation" in the note.

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