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Each round of the seminar consists of 3 tasks. For each round, the solver can get a maximum of 50 points if he solves all the problems correctly. Each round focuses on a different area of medicine.

● All answers must be given in complete sentences.

● Students are encouraged to use font size 12, Times New Roman.

● Key phrases or statements should be highlighted in bold.

● Use 1.15 spacing and 1.5 indentation.

● Students must properly cite all sources, including books.

and websites, if used. Citations should include one or all

the following information and structure: website link, book title and number

pages, video link and time the statement is mentioned. You can use any style

citations or you can simply cite with a footnote and

provide the above information.

● All submissions will be subject to a disclosure program

plagiarism. For each case of plagiarism (failure to provide citations in the required

cases) half of the number of points will be deducted.

● All values including normal/standard values such as normal

blood cells and enzyme levels must be quoted because these values

may vary between countries and laboratories.

● Policy for late submission of completed assignments: All cases

late submission of completed assignments must be reported

and confirm at least a day before the date. The delivery date can be extended

by a maximum of three days.

● Already labeled diagrams should not be used for questions that require them

visual illustrations such as drawings or pictures. All images and

drawings - from the source or drawn - should be marked by the student himself.

The solutions were sent in pdf format. in the section "submission of tasks" with the name in the format "NAME_LAST_NAME_XKOLO".

We will send you the corrected solutions with the comments of the repairers by email.
If you feel that your solution was not scored correctly, contact us as soon as possible, write to our email address and we'll look at it again :)

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